Endless Bag of Dice- Monthly Dice Subscription

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You can never have too many dice! Whether you're building your collection, sharing with friends, or keep losing dice, this is the subscription service you've always wanted. 

Subscribe and you'll begin getting a set of dice with a value well over the subscription price every month! I love choosing these dice, and they are often one of a kind or not yet available in my store. 

Monthly quantities are limited, so subscribe before the 25th of this month to reserve your spot. Once you subscribe, you're in! Every following month you will be charged on the 1st.

If you subscribe before the 25th of the current month, you will receive this month's Endless Bag. If you subscribe after the 25th of the current month, you will receive next month's Endless Bag.

The Endless Bag ships once a month by the 1st from the USA via USPS. This is your subscription and you can cancel at any time (as long as your Endless Bag hasn't shipped).