About Critical Dice

I have a simple goal:

“To provide resources that make your time around the gaming table more fun.”

Critical Dice launched in November 2017 with me (Jason), my phone, my laptop and my family. I live in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, with my wife Andrea, kids Jake and Sophie, dogs Jack, Korra and Cash, hamster Snow Pea and bearded dragon Gomorra.  I eat as much green chile as I can find, have hot air balloons fly over my house almost every day, and DM whenever I can.

I’ve been playing RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons for over 25 years (I feel old!) and now my kids are old enough to learn how to play. As I began thinking about how to introduce them to the game, I decided to launch Critical Dice as a way to get all my favorite dice and showcase some original ideas.

You can find me on Instagram, TiktokTwitter, Facebook and YouTube with daily game hooks, major giveaways and more things that I hope will make your gaming time more fun.

Thanks for stopping by!