Highest you can roll on a stealth check?

Highest you can roll on a stealth check?

Q: What’s the highest you can roll on a stealth check?

This is a great question so let's do another D&D thought experiment!

Let's make the stealthiest stealther to ever stealth.

Standard terms and conditions apply:

No Magic Items

Standard Array

Official Race/Class

Feats & Multiclassing Allowed

No help from other Characters

We're going to level 16 for this one because the top tiers deserve some love too. For race I’m going to go with Earth Genasi and for the class we're going to multiclass this time and take the obvious options which of course are Warlock and Artificer (nope not rogue).

I only need one feat for this one which is skill expert so I get expertise in stealth. I can use the other ASI's to get the dexterity to 20 and the intelligence to 18. This will give me a standard +15 to stealth checks. The earth genasi can cast Pass Without A Trace once a day which add +10. The warlock feature Dark One’s Own Luck gives me an extra D10 and the artificer’s Flash Of Genius gives me another +4.

When I add in the D20 and you assume max rolls on everything that's 59 to stealth but wait there's more! Mystic Odyssey’s of Theros has supernatural gifts you can take at character creation but its not super common. But If you are allowed to do it you can take Oracles Insight for an extra D10. This brings the total maximum stealth roll up to 69!

You can see the build on DND beyond and check my math here.

So, what's your build?


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