The Heal-iest Healer to ever Heal.

The Heal-iest Healer to ever Heal.

Q: What’s the maximum amount of healing a character can do in one turn in D&D?

This is a great question so let's do another D&D thought experiment!

Let's make Heal-iest Healer to ever Heal.

Standard terms and conditions apply:

No Magic Items

Standard Array

Official Race/Class

Feats Allowed

1 Turn (not 1 round)

As with all these builds we're trying to get the biggest bang for the lowest level possible. For this one we're going to do level five. I've chosen a fallen Aasimar, and level 5 divine soul sorcerer. If you allow a bit of an indulgence, I’m going to go ahead and assume the necrotic shroud the round before to set up for the turning question.

The secret sauce for this is not cure wounds at third level like you might be thinking. Instead I’m going to do a spell called Life Transference. Life transference does 4d8 of necrotic damage to the caster that can't be reduced in any way and then does double that amount in healing to a target creature. A max roll is going to be 32 points of damage and then add on the +5 for the necrotic shroud bringing the total to 37 points of damage.

This is then turned into 74 points of healing but wait there's more! I never said to one target so I’m going to spend 3 sorcery points, twin this spell (the damage doesn't get done again) and the healing is done to another target for a total of 148 points of healing! You can actually go and look at the build on DND beyond and check my math here.

So, what's your build?


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