Dice Tower

Dice Tower

Dice towers are a fun addition to any game. Here's how you can have your very own without leaving your house!

Dice towers are made with various materials, shapes and styles but the construction typically follows the same pattern. Its basically a shaft with a few sloped planes inside that change the direction of the dice as they fall from the top. It’s a simple idea that helps you get a great roll every time.

A few weeks ago my kids and I tried making our very own from Legos we had laying around the house (literally). After a few tweaks we had a design that worked well and where proud of.

We then put it into the Lego digital designer and put up the step by step instructions in our store

Click the link and download the plans. If you want to buy some dice at checkout to support what we do, then that’s fine too.

I hope you are able to use this at your game soon.

May the Dice be ever in your favor,


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