D&D BINGO (Download)

D&D BINGO (Download)

D&D is all about the shared experience around the table. If we’re honest, it’s a massive, role-playing playdate. For better or worse, there are some things that happen at every table and those things are what unite this massive, role-playing family of ours.

Role-playing can be the main love for some players, and we’ve all known people who have costumes, special voices, dice matched to their character and overly-detailed backstories. Then there are the players who are all about the battle and ignore the story to focus on weapons and destruction.

And what about that one player who is always off-story and trying to lone-wolf it?! Or the person who always has terrible roles…to the point that you think they must have offended an old Vistani woman when they were young!

To celebrate you and your table and all the weird and wonderful things that make it unique, I’ve created D&D BINGO. There are 30 randomized cards with squares like metagamingfudged dice roll, and someone brings snacks. Print them up and distribute them at your table. Every time one of these things happens during the game, mark it off. You choose whether to do 5 in a row, or blackout.

And when you get BINGO, maybe you can convince your Dungeon Master to grant you inspiration.

Download the D&D BINGO cards here.

D&D Bingo

Ok, that’s it for this week. See you next time and until then, may the dice be ever in your favor. 


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The linked cards were deleted, any way you can repost them or email them? My gaming group would love these!!


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