Dungeon Master Coaching

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Do you want to DM but don’t know how? Are you currently a DM but need help to level up?

Every table needs a Dungeon Master and whether the role falls to you because no one else would do it, or you volunteered and love it, running a table is no easy feat. Whatever made you step up as DM, you’ve probably wanted someone to work with you and help you at some point.

 I am here for you.

I’ve had a lot of requests for DM help over the years, and I’m always happy to help. I want to expand my availability and offer you personalized, one-on-one coaching for 30 minutes via video chat. It’s for any level and customized to what you need. 

Your 30-minute call can cover anything DM related including; rules, storytelling, encounter building, or player management.


Times are scheduled by email and calls placed over Skype or the video chat of your choice. Only a few spots are available each month.