Quincy's Tavern- Acorn D20 Wax Seal Bottle

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This bottle contains a hand made custom d20, hand painted acorn and the genuine wax seal of the Lucky Gryphon 

The Acorn

To the adventurer considering surrender when the journey seems impossible
Remember that all great things arise from the empty and improbable
Every story starts with an empty page; Every painting a blank canvas
Consider the mighty oak, adventurer, and its origins in the darkness.

As an acorn it's small and fragile, no potential to be seen
But cloaked inside the little acorn is everything it ever needs
Its future as a mighty oak standing proud and tall and strong
Has to come from being pushed underground in the darkness all alone

But with patience and perseverance the acorn grows throughout the night
First a sprout, then a sapling, an oak emerges into light.
With strong arms outstretched and deep roots clutched to the earth
The oak stands as a symbol of hope and the potential of one's growth

Take the acorn, adventurer, and take its simple story to heart
That you've had everything you'll ever need, inside you from the start.

Dice design by Sarah Robbins

IG: @roseycricket