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  When you learned how to play dungeons and Dragons someone taught you the rules of combat and probably left it at that.  Today we're going to go back to school and learn some battle basics. There are a lot of rules in dungeons and Dragons especially when it comes to combat. Combat is where the system really shines, is unique and there's a ton of things to remember. The basics are easy, what to do on your turn move you can attack you maybe have a bonus action, but it's not enough to know what you can do in...

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Red Dragons are no joke. They are the iconic big bad in D&D. They fly, breath fire and are massively strong. But just how strong? We recently started our new YouTube series called “How We Roll”. It deals with all things related to D&D and we are very excited about it. It would be huge if you would watch the newest video and liked and subscribed to the channel. We will be publishing these on a regular basis and it should be a lot of fun. Our goal at Critical Dice has always been to provide resources that help you have more...

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