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Red Dragons are no joke. They are the iconic big bad in D&D. They fly, breath fire and are massively strong. But just how strong? We recently started our new YouTube series called “How We Roll”. It deals with all things related to D&D and we are very excited about it. It would be huge if you would watch the newest video and liked and subscribed to the channel. We will be publishing these on a regular basis and it should be a lot of fun. Our goal at Critical Dice has always been to provide resources that help you have more...

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Game hooks are a great way to destroy writer's block and get your creative juices flowing! Having trouble creating your next adventure? Got writer's block that even a quad shot espresso won’t fix? This is the book for you.  This is a table of 100 short adventure ideas called game hooks. You can just pick one that tickles your fancy or roll 2d100 and combine the ideas as the framework of your next campaign.  For the last 6 months we've been creating these hooks on our Instagram page (@criticaldice) and now the list is finally complete. We complied all the posts into an...

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Dice towers are a fun addition to any game. Here's how you can have your very own without leaving your house! Dice towers are made with various materials, shapes and styles but the construction typically follows the same pattern. Its basically a shaft with a few sloped planes inside that change the direction of the dice as they fall from the top. It’s a simple idea that helps you get a great roll every time. A few weeks ago my kids and I tried making our very own from Legos we had laying around the house (literally). After a few tweaks...

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